Welcome to Colleen's Critter Creations

Who We Are

Colleen is an amateur photographer who enjoys taking photos of animals, including her 'boys.' The boys offer inspiration to their human and help her in design creations. They are the models for her photography work used on a number of products offered at any of the shops. Porter is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Murphy is a fluffy Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Services Offered

Currently the main service offered is personalization of current products offered. In the next newsletter being sent out, we will be offering a way to ask for personalized products using your own photos. We have been providing this service on a limited basis but plan on expanding what we do.

Another service we may be providing in the near future is simple website set up. If you like the design of our website and want to see what else we have done, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our goal is to provide simple, clean websites to appeal a wide range of visitors.

The Shops

At this time, you will find Colleen's designs and images available at a few different online shop sites.  The reason for the variety is due to one place not offering as many items as we would like to see.   Many of them have apparel, drinkware and calendars available.  The CafePress store, Corgis & Other Critters offers a variety of items with some unique ones being: clocks, ornaments, keepsake boxes and license plate frames.  At the Zazzle shop, Welsh Corgi Store, you may find customizable shoes, ties, postcards and cut out statues.   For the chance to offer cutting boards and cork bottom coasters, besides a number of other goods; we opened the Printfection shop, Welsh Corgi Store.

There are two specialized shops to check out too.  For any one looking for Welsh Corgi greeting cards,  there are some wonderful card offerings at the Greeting Card Universe card store,  Welsh Corgi Card Store.  You are able to customize messages in the cards.  You can have them sent to you or directly to the person you want from the shop. From those who like to own Welsh Corgi prints, Colleen offers her photographs for sale at the ImageKind shop, Welsh Corgi Art.  You choose from many different frames to go with these prints.

Side Note

They boys have their own blog where they give critiques of Welsh Corgi related items. It is called "Porter's Ponderings & Murphy's Musings."  They also have a Squidoo Lens called "Da Welsh Corgi Boys." If you want to see Porter and Murphy having fun, check out their videos up on YouTube for the enjoyment of all Corgi Lovers.